There will be a prize for the winner

Andrés Díaz Marrero

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Mr. Concho Frog called all the animals of the forest to a meeting. Once they all gathered, he made an announcement: "There is going to be a skateboard race next Sunday. It will be at ten o' clock in the morning. All of you are welcome to register for the race. There will be a prize for the winner…"

"What will the prize be?" asked a bird called Crane.
"The prize will be a trip around Puerto Rico with all the expenses paid. The trip will include Vieques and Culebra islands," answered Mr. Concho Frog.
"I will get that prize," said the red tail hawk.
"We will see who wins the race," replied the sparrow.
"I have already started training for the match," said the owl to the lizard.
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They all talked to one another, each one claiming to be the winner of the race. The meeting lasted until it was time to go home. The next morning, at sunrise, the forest was filled with voices and skateboard sounds. Some were riding their skateboards, while others were oiling the wheels and repairing the board. They all were very busy and excited. Well, most of them, because the parrot neither has a skateboard nor did she know how to ride. The parrot heart was full of sorrow. She was alone on her nest when she heard the call of the hummingbird.

"Hi, parrot," said the hummingbird.
"Hi, how are you? She answered in a soft, sad little voice.
What's wrong? why aren't you practicing for the race? The parrot