It's a Cricket!
Andrés Díaz Marrero

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Adriana and Isabel met underneath the mango tree, as they had planned. They brought with them some toy tools. A hammer, a handsaw and a pair of pliers.
-Let's go to work! - Adriana said, and began to strike the trunk of the mango tree as if she were nailing. Isabel started to play like if she were sawing one of the branches.
- Help! Please help! Somebody is knocking down my house! Help! please help! -someone said
Adriana and Isabel both stopped playing. They watched with awe a small cricket that gestured while yelling and crying for help.
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- Of course I can speak! I can speak and sing and jump, as I please, but that is no reason for knocking down my house. -The cricket said.
- I am sorry Mr. Cricket! We were just playing carpenters! These tools are not real; they are toy tools made of plastic. - Adriana argued.
- That's true. This handsaw is a toy. It's not for cutting wood. It just makes noise - Isabel added.
- But, the blows of the hammer and the rattled of the handsaw are real; and they scare me. They scare me a lot. I thought the story was going to be repeated. -The cricket replied.

What story? - Both girls asked at the same time.

- I was living next to a creek, in a place surrounded by flowers and leafy trees. Then