Year: 2017

The Republican Constitution of 1963

The Republican Constitution of 1963 was essentially the 1960 independence constitution rewritten with some minor modifications, and it came into operation on the 1st of October, 1963. It was in a bid to change the dominance of external affairs of Nigeria by Britain that a new constitution call the Republican Constitution of 1963 was proposed […]

Rewards To Factors of Production

In the production of goods and services, firms combine factors of production in various proportions. The baker, for instance, needs flour, baking powder, sugar, baking equipment, such as an oven and other ingredients for baking. If he operates on commercial scale, he will need to employ workers.   Payments are made to secure these factors. We […]


Affix Suffixes are added to the end of the word. Suffixes frequently alter the word-class of the base. For example, the adjective kind is changed to abstract noun when the suffix – ness is added to the adjective – kind; to form – kindness. Noun suffixes: Occupational (Noun to noun) -ster (person’s identity) as in […]

Events that proved MALTHUS wrong

Malthus in his first essay titled  ” Essay on population 1798 ” stated that, if  human being are not checked in their natural form, that human population will grow at a geometrical progression while food production increases at arithmetical progression. now lets look at the event that proves him wrong           EVENT THAT PROVED MALTHUS […]