Ambassadors of Poverty by P.O.C Umeh

The poem is a satirical poem in which the poet expresses disgust at various economic saboteurs in the country.  He recounts in an objective way various persons who are involved in economic sabotage.
  He aptly condemns dubious politicians who promises electorate heaven on earth but as soon as they have taken the oath of office and assumed power, they immediately forget the masses who voted for them.

• In the first stanza of the  poem,  the poet posit that the authorized representative of poverty are those who are in charge of the economy in this country. He calls them ” patriot ” in reverse order and “merchant of loot” these groups of people loot the country Treasury and takes their booty to Western and Eastern countries for safe keeping.

• In the sixth stanza, the poet condemn the politicians whom he referred to as ” the round trippers/ the elusive importers. “


Repetition, Anthesis, Irony, Alliteration, Assonance and Metaphor

1. Anthesis
(I) the dubious sit-tight patriot

2.  Irony
(I) The saviour of the people

3.  Metaphor
(I) Ambassadors of poverty represents everybody who don’t have interest of his/her country at heart.

The poem has nine (9) stanzas

* Corruption
* Negative effect of violence
* Betrayal of trust
* The need to encourage agriculture in our country.

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