Best Courses To Study In Nigeria In 2018


The recent demand for higher education in Nigeria due to the limited space in our institutions of higher learning has necessitated the habit of getting admission irrespective of the course on offer.

Some people will argue that they will not wait for years before they will get admitted in their course of choice rather they will prefer to take any course so far it can lend to being a university student.

The downside of such a decision is so or later you will graduate from the program and you will face the job market with a qualification with a discipline that does not produce a job vacancy in Nigeria job sector.

This can favor those that are well connected because with their connection they can get a job in areas that do not related with their course of studies.

If you don’t have a strong network or family connection that will make getting a job after graduation easy for you, in addition you only have a qualify with no extra skills it is better you reconsider you course of study now or you will end up trying to look for a business to do after you must have graduated from the university.

There is no special way to figure out what is the current and future jobs in Nigeria but if you are following trends in Nigeria job market you will come to the realization that some sectors are hotter than others, so therefore we sum of this post best courses to study in Nigeria. 

So below are the best courses to study in Nigeria as at 2018

1. Psychology
2. Civil Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Make-up and Skin care specialist
5. Electrical Engineering
6. Computer Engineering
7. Software Engineering
8. Statistics
9. Accounting
10. Economics
11.  Brand Management and Visual Communication
12. Tourism and Hospitality Management
13. Computer Science / Software Developer
14. Medicine
15. Marketing
16. Industrial Engineering
17. Network and System Administration
18.  Sales Representative
19. Content Curator and Strategist
20. Security (Online and Offline)

Feel free to add yours via comment section and why you think it the best.

Meanwhile here is the link of the most difficult courses to study in Nigeria

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