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Land Use Decree of Nigeria 1978

The traditional systems of land ownership in Nigeria were considered to be grossly inadequate in solving the problem of agricultural development in the country. Such problems as infighting between individuals and communities on land matters, monopoly of lands by few advantaged individuals, excessive land fragmentation as a result of importance, difficulty in acquiring land either […]

Land And It Uses In Agriculture

Land is man’s natural endowment which includes the soil and it mineral resources, air, wild animals, grasslands and forests or it natural vegetation, water and it fishes. It is an important factor of production as all productive activities are carried out on the land. The cultivation of crops and rearing of animals are done on it; fish ponds, plantations and agro-allied […]

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural Marketing involves a series of business activities or services associated with the transfer of agricultural commodities from the producers or farmers to the consumers. It is concerned with the movement of livestock and crops from thousands of scattered small-size farm where they are produced to the thousands of consumers located in rural and urban […]

Forest Management

Forest management is the act in which activities in forest are being controlled in an orderly manner.  Meaning and Importance of Forest A forest generally refers to any area of land that is covered with trees along with the undergrowth of shrub between the trees. Forest provides timber for export.  It provides wood for used […]

Animal Improvement

MEANING AND AIMS OF Animal Improvement Animal improvement refers to the conscious attempts by man to improve and produce better breeds of farm animals to satisfy human needs.  The aims of animal improvement can be outlined as follows: 1. To increase the productivity of animals: Farm animals are improved upon in order to obtain higher […]

Crop Production

A crop is a plant which is cultivated by man for some beneficial purposes. Therefore all crops are plant but not all plant are crops. CEREALS  These are crops that look like grasses having long and flat leaves. They are monocotyledonous crops. The crops are grown because of their seeds which are rich in carbohydrate […]


Agriculture is widely practiced in all the West African Countries and statistics evidence shows that over 60% of population of the countries of West Africa are engaged in Agriculture.Importance of Agriculture 1. Raw Materials : Many of the raw materials are obtained from agriculture examples timber for plywood industries and cotton wool for textile industries.2.  Food […]