Category: Biology

Conservation of Non-renewable Resources

Our supplies of fossil fuels and mine are dwindling fast. These are non-renewable resources as we cannot produce them by any process. Our demand for these limited resources, however, is constantly increasing. To conserve them, we have to• cut down their wastage • find acceptable alternatives or renewable sources of energy and• recycle them where possible WASTAGE Fossil fuels such as coal and […]

Cells And Its Environment

Living cells are always surrounded by a watery environment. This may be the freshwater or salt water in which unicellular organisms live; or the intercellular fluid that bathes the body cells of higher animals.Materials flow between the cell and its environment mainly by diffusion and osmosis. Let us see how these processes occur and how […]

Food Supply

Providing food for an ever increasing human population is one of the foremost concerns today. To do this, we have to study the factors that affect our food supply. These factors are • food production,• food preservation and storage,• food wastage. Food ProductionFood for humans comes from both crops and livestock. Growing crops is a […]

Population Studies

Population is defined as the total number of organisms of the same species living together in a given area at a particular time in an ecosystem, the community is made up of many populations of different species. Factors Affecting Population Factors which may affect the population of organisms in a given habitat include : Birth […]

Ecological Succession biology

This is a process by which ecosystem change over time. It is a product of complex interactions of biotic and a biotic factors. There is a gradual and continuous replacement of a dominant species until a relatively complex and stable ecosystem develops. The developmental stages are known as ere or several stages and final steady […]

Control of Vectors

A vector in biology is an animal which transmit a disease causing organism from one organism to another Ways of Controlling Vectors AreA. Mosquito : Draining of swamps to eliminate. Ate breeding ground for mosquito. ii. Cutting bushes around house to reduce hiding places for adult mosquito. iii. Sleeping in room protected by mosquito net […]