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Civil Ways To Communicate

It no longer news to hear or read the badmanners or uncivilized ways in which people interact/communicate while it goes down well with some other might find it very difficult to accept it hence a gap in communication and in some instances it might leads to public outbreak fight, disturbance and likes of that. So in this tutorial you […]

Hints on Summary Writing

Summary has become a dreadful subject to many students or candidates preparing for the G.C.E or the School Certificate English language exam. Dreadful I’m the sense that many of them don’t know how to go about summarizing a given passage with the result that they get little or no marks in the summary paper.In the G.C.E and the School Certificate English language examinations summary carries […]

Essay Introduction

An Essay is a written composition of moderate length, exploring a particular issue or subject. Essay introduction, on the other hand, is the beginning and coordinating part of a composed discourse. Many students and scholars find it very hard to reckon an essay overture with an essay. As ordinary, as it may seem, it is a very important aspect […]

Paragraph Development

Paragraph Development Paragraph can be developed in a number of ways, depending on your purpose, the topic, and the kind of reader you have in view. The different method of paragraph development can be considered in terms of two broad categories: Those which stay strictly within the scope of the topic example ; illustration, description, […]


Affix Suffixes are added to the end of the word. Suffixes frequently alter the word-class of the base. For example, the adjective kind is changed to abstract noun when the suffix – ness is added to the adjective – kind; to form – kindness. Noun suffixes: Occupational (Noun to noun) -ster (person’s identity) as in […]

Common mistakes in English

LET’S LEARN WORDS FREQUENTLY USED NOT FOUND IN THE DICTIONARY 1. INSTALLMENTALLYThis “word” is a favourite of many Nigerians, but, sadly, it simply does not exist. You won’t find it any reputable dictionary. The correct thing to say when “installmentally” comes to your mind is in _”instalments”_ or _”by instalments”_.*2. PLUMBYNigerians use _“plumpy”_ when they […]