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Government Ministries

The Permanent Secretary Every ministry was under the control of a Permanent Secretary who was a senior public servant, responsible to the Minister for the proper working of the Ministry. The minister had general control and supervision over the ministry, and might give the Permanent Secretary directions, but, since he was not experienced in administration, […]

Fun Fact About Nigeria

The name ‘Nigeria’ was coined by Flora Shaw. She was the wife of Lord Lugard – a British soldier who paved the way for Nigeria’s amalgamation and became the first Governor-General of Nigeria. Flora drew inspiration from the great river Niger and combined the words ‘Niger’ and ‘Area’ to form ‘Nigeria’. Nigeria became a British […]

Importance of Rule of Law

The rule of law means the law pre-eminent and superior to the rule of any human leader. It presupposes that the law is above any individual in the system and should be obeyed by all. It is a principle of governance in which all persons including the state itself are all accountable and answerable to laws of the land which are consistent […]

The Post-Independence Period in Nigeria and Ghana

Three years after Nigeria and Ghana had achieved their independence, the two countries modified their constitutions. Among other changes, they introduced republican forms of government. Nigeria undertook another important constitutional change in creating a fourth Region the Mid-West State, carved from the Western region of Nigeria.  NIGERIA ​ The Cameroons Constitutional Amendment Act. The first constitutional amendment Act passed by the federal parliament, after independence had been achieved on October […]

History Of Commonwealth

THE ORIGIN OF THE COMMONWEALTHTo understand what is meant by the term “Commonwealth” – that is, the association of nations which retain a close connexion with the United Kingdom and whose prime ministers meet together frequently to discuss matters of common interest – we must go back to the beginning of the twentieth century.    […]

Nigeria As A Federation

THE ORIGIN OF THE FEDERAL SYSTEM  Nigeria has been called ‘Federal’ since 1954 because in that year it became a Federation. A Federation originally meant a group of neighbouring countries who agreed to unite together as one country and set up a single government to rule the whole; but those countries, since they did not […]

Delegated Authority

Okolo and idris (2002) defined ” Delegated Authority as a situation when an individual or institution that is supposed to exercise a particular authority decides to transfer such authority to other bodies or individuals so that they can carry them out on their behalf.”   Delegation means a situation where part of responsibility is given […]


What is Leadership?   Munroe, (1993) defines leadership as the ability to inspire others to become and fulfill themselves.       Leadership by the definition is the capacity to influence, inspire, rally, direct, encourage, motivate, induce, move, mobilize and activate others to pursue a common goal or purpose while maintaining commitment, momentum, confidence and courage.  […]