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Women Of Owu by Femi Osofisan

In 1821 or thereabouts, the combined forces of the armies of Ijebu and Ife, two yoruba kingdoms in the south of what is now known as Nigeria, along with mercenaries recruited from Oyo refugees fleeing downward from the Nigerian Savannah land, sacked the city of Owu after a seven-year siege.Owu was a model city-states, one […]

Ozigolo by Peddle E. Okao

                   ACT ONE SCENE ONE(In front of his village house, Eduwu receives a visitor called Idahosa)Eduwu: Idahosa, please have your seat and let me offer you Kola nuts. (Idahosa takes his seat while Eduwu calls out to Ozigolo to fetch some kola nuts)Idahosa: Eduwu, you have done […]