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Lonely Wives

My family painted the town red on my wedding day. My wedding was on every lip. I was the talk of the town. Every girl out there envied me and I couldn’t be more proud. My husband was God-sent and I wouldn’t have wanted another husband besides him in my next life. I was so […]

Must Read: Isabel

 The early morning sun dazzled in its characteristic mild beauty sending in rays through the light curtains. I slowly opened and eyes and was happy when i saw my little Princess beside me. “good morning my princess, my most treasure pssession,” i said smiling then kissed her forehead. Edward my husband walked in looking so […]

The Nagging Wife

“It will be a beautiful home..”  Mayaba said as she looked around. “yes it will be honey.. Slowly… Slowly… we will soon fill it up” Fred said The two stared at their small house which they had finished decorating. Straight from church where they had their marriage blessing, the two proceeded to pick up some […]