Structure of the Bible

January 1, 2020 Aiseosa 0

The structure of the bible means what the bible is all about the chapters, books, notable events, notable prophets, writings and the rest of all. […]

Making Decisions

October 17, 2017 Aiseosa 0

SOLOMON’S WISDOM: 1Kg 3:3-28; 4:29-34; 5:1-12; 8:1-53   Solomon, son of David, succeeded his father. He loved the Lord and walked in the statutes of his father. […]

The sovereignty of God

March 24, 2017 Aiseosa 0

(I) GOD THE CREATOR(II)GOD THE CONTROLLER OF THE UNIVERSERead for this lesson : Genesis chapter 1 and 2. SOVEREIGNTY MEANS :(a) The power of the […]