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Chuckwuemeka Ike until he passed on he was remarkable for a unique brand of the imaginative novel that mixed lampoon, humour, and satire. 

His hometown, Ndikelionwu, was a traditional characteristic in his writings.

Chuckwuemeka Ike passed on
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ChuckwuEmeka Ike was a former Registrar of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the leader of the Nigerian Book Trust Foundation (FONTANA) at a time.

His leading novels Toad for Super;
Toads for Super: This novel of his (Chuckwuemeka Ika) is all about a boy called Amadi who was struggling to make a life, back home his parents have betrothed a beautifully to him and on campus he is engrossed with a girl he won for himself called Aduke but she is a Yoruba of which his parents would disprove, and then again another girl called ‘sweetie’ a Lagos babe who was known all over town as olosho, she claimed to be pregnant for Amadi, to know how it ended please get a copy of it. The novel ‘toad for super’ was published In 1965,

The Naked God’s (1970),

The Potter’s Wheel (1973) a very interesting novel this novel actually cater ported the late Chuckwuemeka Ike to Limelight, the novel is about a spoiled young and only boy called Obu born into the family of Mazi Lazarus in a bit to savage his behavior Mazi Lazarus sent him to teachers house one whom his wife is as deadly as a lion ready to devour any faulty servant but alas! He was saved and became a new boy.

Sunset at Dawn (1976), 

Expo ’77 (1980), this novel is all about examination malpractice how it all started in Nigeria and how some officers are working tirelessly to curb the malpractice.

The Chicken Chasers (1980),

The Bottled Leopard (1985),

Our Children Are Coming Home (1990),

and Conspiracy of Silence.

Chuckwuemeka Ike attended Government College, Umuahia, the same school attended by the late Prof. Chinua Achebe and Christopher Okigbo, a poet.  

He went on to study English, history, and religion at the University of Ibadan. 

He was survived by his wife, Prof Adebimpe Ike.

He was of the Aro dynasty.

Until his death, he was the traditional ruler of Ndikelionwu community in Orumba, Anambra, a position he held since 2008.

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