Common mistakes in English

Everyday in our lifetime we use the common language to communicate to each that is using The English language to communicate most times we make blunder out of it but who cares! When I think it’s time to atleast reduce the error we make if not for anything but for examination here we shall be dealing with ” UNNECESSARY WORDS “

1. Using a double comparative.
Don’t say/write : He is more stronger than George
Say/write : He is stronger than George.
Double comparative are incorrect : ” more stronger” ought to be only “stronger”. 
 However , we can say/write “much stronger. “

2. Misuse of adjectives that cannot be compared.
Don’t say/write : My work is more perfect than his.
Say/write : My work is superior to his.
Or : My work is better than his.
Certain adjectives cannot be compared :perfect, unique, preferable, Supreme, right e.t.c. 

3. ” Return back ” used instead of “return
Don’t say/write : She has returned back to school.
Say/write : She has returned to school. 
The word “back” cannot be used with “return, ” since “return” means to come back. 

4.  ” Have got” used instead of “have.”
Don’t say/write : He has got blue eyes and red hair.
Say/write : He has blue eyes and red hair.
“Get” means to acquire; “has got” should therefore not be used unless the intended meaning is has acquired :  as He has got his reward at last. 
Note. In conversation, however, it is more idiomatic to say,  “he has got blue eyes and red hair”. 

5. “Begin from” used instead of “Begin. “
Don’t say/write : Examinations begin from Thursday
Say/write : Examinations begin on Thursday. 
A thing can BEGIN only at a point be used to apply to the whole time during which a thing is being done. 

6. Using ” Far ” with a phrase of definite distance.
Don’t say/write : He lives two miles far from here.
Say/write : He lives two miles from here. 
When a phrase of definite distance (like “two miles”) is used in a sentence, the word “Far” cannot be used also.  But we can say,  “HE LIVES TWO MILES AWAY”

7. “Consider as ” used instead of “Consider. “
Don’t say/write : He considers me as his best friend.
Say/write : He considers me his best friend. 
The word “consider” cannot be followed by “as” but we say,  “He regards me as his best friend”

8. Wrong repetition of object.
Don’t say/write : The Doctor I know him very well.
Say/write : i know the doctor very well.
 In the sentence given, the words “Doctor” and “him” denote one and the same object : therefore, either “Doctor” or “him” maybe used, but not both in the same sentence.

9.  Wrong use of “that” in direct speech.
Don’t say/write : He said that,  ” I am sure to pass “
Say/write : He said,  “I am sure to pass. “
We cannot use “that” in direct speech :  that is,  when we repeat without any change the words that some other person has spoken.

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