Control of Vectors

A vector in biology is an animal which transmit a disease causing organism from one organism to another

Ways of Controlling Vectors Are

A. Mosquito : Draining of swamps to eliminate. Ate breeding ground for mosquito.

ii. Cutting bushes around house to reduce hiding places for adult mosquito.

iii. Sleeping in room protected by mosquito net to prevent bites.

iv. Using insect repellent on the body to eliminate mosquito bites.

V. Spraying oil on stagnant water to prevent larva stage from breathing or introduction of fishes or tadpole

i. Pit toilet must be converted always and kept clean.

ii. Spraying of insecticides to kill adult housefly in the compound.

iii. Dustbins should be covered properly.

IV. There should be adequate sanitation for proper sewage disposal.

v. To prevent them from breeding no dirty dump places and decomposing matter should be allowed around homes.
   Some  vectors such as ticks, mites and bedbugs can be controlled by good personal hygiene, clean environment and use of insecticides. 

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