Desire God’s Word

As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby (1Peter2:2)

Generally, desire is to wish for something or someone earnestly. In the above text, the word “desire” is translated from the Greek “epiptheō”. Epiptheō connote

Desire God's Word

1. To long for: Apostle Peter here is advising believers in Christ to long for God’s word. When you long for something, you always yearn for it, keep it in mind till you get it. Babes will not stop crying till they get the desired milk. So long for God’s word till you hear Him.

2. To pursue with love: we are in an era of so many conflicting distractions, lots of things are available that struggles with God’s love and His word in our heart. Despite all the available side attractions, we must realise that nothing else should attract more value than God’s word, so pursue it earnestly till you get a firm grip on it.

3. To lust: lust is commonly used in the negative sense, but when it is craving for God’s word to the extent of lusting after it, it becomes positive. When you lust for something, your soul is given totally to it. In fact you harbour forbidden affections towards it. You are allowed to lust after God’s word, let your soul be given to it till you get nourished by it.

Conclusively, as God’s children, we should intensely crave to possess God’s word, dote upon it and do nothing until you hear something from God.


1. Let God’s Spirit raise a strong desire for God’s word in your heart daily.

2. Every word you hear from God should nourish your soul and make you to act upon it.

3. May your life begin to reflect the glory of God’s word.

Written by

AGHO, Nok Osamudiamen


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