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Eel space is a Nigerian online offline space and workshop booking agency located at 33 Ikpa road Uyo Akwa ibom state in Nigeria.
EELSPACE was launched on 18th January, 2018 to serve as a beacon of hope to Freelance Entrepreneurs in Nigeria as they no longer need to spend excessively on Electricity and Rent Bills. The strategy was formed and implemented so as to create the possibility of acquiring an office space, workspace or workshop for few hours, days, weeks, months and not necessarily renting an office space or workshop for one year to run own business. 
The idea behind eelspace office space, workspace, workshop and electricity sharing system was originally intended to help office space, workspace, workshop and business owners in Nigeria reduce the amount of money they spend on electricity and rent bills by sensitizing them on the effect of sharing their office space, workspace, workshop and business space with freelance entrepreneurs in Nigeria who do not have their own workstation.

EELSPACE is an electricity and space sharing community. The space includes but not limited to office space, workspace, workshop, and business space. By sharing one’s office space and workshop with 3 freelance entrepreneurs per day with each of them paying N1,000 for say 4 – 6hours per day, a total of N3,000 will be made which serves as an extra income which can be used to fuel the generator which provides electricity for the office or workshop and over time will be used to facilitate payment of electricity and rent bills.
Before launching eelspace, a research was carried out on what utilities mostly affect the income growth of most business centers in Nigeria and why. The research showed that electricity and rent bills greatly influence the profitability and income growth of every business in Nigeria due to lack of constant electricity and cheap office spaces or workshops. 85% of Nigerians lack access to constant electricity supply and this includes office space, workshops and workspace owners.
With eelspace, freelance entrepreneurs can successfully make good income while freelancing as it is now easy to find and book a cheap office space, workspace and workshop with access to constant power supply. Freelance Inventors, skillful tailors and seamstress, skillful carpenters etc that do not have own workshop with useful equipment can get to book workshops in their field of expertise which will allow them access to an avalanche of equipment, machineries and tools for which the freelance entrepreneur will use and finish a clients job without worries of renting equipment or machineries just by booking to use an allied workshop available in our website Business owners who share their office space, workspace and workshops with freelance entrepreneurs using our platform get to have their business advertised freely on the landing page of our website as well as on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, WhatSapp) which will tell more people about the services they offer.


  1. Sing up online and create your eel-station:
    Give us some description of the workspace you want to share, your location [address]; the duration of availability [How long the working space will be available for use]; your cost per day and a few more details.
  2. And get your daily Reward :
    We’re committed to ensure that Entrepreneurs, Students, Tech persons, Hobbyist, tech-preneurs, freelancers that need a working space and reading space gets to easily locate your eel-station and thus help you cut the cost of sole generation of electricity with a few extra incomes.
  3. Link to the website is :
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