God’s charge against His People

Be astonished, O you heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be you very desolate, says the LORD. For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed themselves out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water. (Jeremiah 2:12-13)

This message (God’s charge against His People) of God to His people through the prophet Jeremiah came during the reign of King Josiah (Jer1:2, 3:6). This is probably the time the King decided to make a transformation on the physical attitude of the people towards God. The prophet examined the spiritual life of the people.

God called the people of Judah His people. By covenant they remain His people. This is the faithfulness of God. God wouldn’t deny them because they sinned. This is a further proof that God do not hate sinners rather it is the sin in them that He hates. Therefore, if the sin can be addressed, the sinner is restored to God having a new nature and bearing the righteousness of Jesus by grace. In His love God made a way of restoration which can only be obtained through repentance and believe in the work of Christ.

It can also be observed that God brings the charge against the people. God is still speaking. Before anyone start deviating to the wrong way, God brings it to his/her notice. Many time people going the wrong path ignore the voice of God (note: God speaks to us through different means). Anyone who ignores God’s corrections is exposing himself to slipping deeper into evil. Due to God’s love, He doesn’t give up on His people. Many have ignored God’s voice till they met their death (without notice). Let me at this point encourage you to listen and obey the voice of God without further delay henceforth.


1. Forsaking the fountain of living Waters: God refer to himself here as the fountain of living waters. Fountain is translated from the Hebrew “mâqôr” and it signify among others the source of life, joy and purification. Indeed God is the true source of life, remember He is the life giver, He is the true source of joy. Life without God cannot enjoy consistent joy especially in the face of challenges. The true source of our purification is God. Man in his present nature is born in sin. Scripture records that the blood of animals could not bloth it out. God cleanse man by grace through the blood of Jesus. Purification is not by our work, it is only what God alone can do.

To forsake as translated from the Hebrew “âzab” has three dimension i.e to depart, abandon and let loose. This is referring to a people that:

Firstly, depart from God and His ways, basically walk away from God.

Secondly, abandoning God. This is a mind made up never to return to the ways of God.

Thirdly, let loose. Some persons think the ways of God have a lot of restrictions or to say plainly that it is cagey. Which ever way you look at it, the way of sin also put you under another form of slavery. The laws of God is never meant to put anyone under bondage but to live a good and remarkable life after which and eternity of joyfulness is enjoyed.

2. Hewed out broken cistern: metaphorically, since the fountain of water have been abandoned, the people should need water. The best they could do here is to dig well. God describe it as broken well or cistern that can not hold water. God have always delivered His people right from the journey from Egypt. Now they abandoned God and are making alliance with Assyria and Egypt for help. This alliance put the people under bondage to these nations and their gods. It’s obvious one can not get sustained help outside of God. The question is when you need help where and who do you run to?. Many people cannot go to God when they need help because they do not have any relationship with God or they have long abandoned God. Any help outside God or not approved by God cannot be satisfactory or long lasting.

When God bring a case, you cannot have a defense, King Josiah listened to God leading the people through a time of spiritual reformation. You may need to examine your life and see if you will be found wanting before God. This is a time for repentance and personal revival, do not try to defend yourself but submit to God and follow His ways.


1. Repent sincerely from every act of rebellion against God.

2. Pray for person spiritual revival.

3. Let your heart respond positively to every word of God.

4. Ask God for help in any area of your life in need of help.

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