Harvest Of Corruption By Frank Ogodo Ogeche


The play, Harvest of Corruption epitomize the various images of moral crisis in our social system. Such as the breakdown of social value, discipline, student’s riot, drug menace, religious bigotry, armed robbery, nepotism, moral and spiritual decadence, corruption in many places without respects for creed or age, indicipline society with little or no development and national image almost under intensified scrutiny. The play Harvest of corruption satirically mirrors the contemporary Nigerian society with clear focuses on sexual immorality, bribery, large scale embezzlement in official quarters, drug trafficking and smuggling involving the high and the mighty who are expected to be an epitome of our tradition norms, policy makers and law enforcement officers. 

Harvest of corruption concerns a young university female graduate, Aloho, desperately looking for a job to avoid poverty that is enveloping her family and hence puts herself in the bright side of the society. Her co-travellers, Ochuole, Madam Hoha and Chief Ade-Amaka encourage her wayward ways which eventually claims her life after aborting at Wazobia hospital. Before her death, she dreamt of it and was warned by Ogeyi and that her pregnancy must not be terminated. After that, Ogeyi met ACP Yakubu and revealed so many secret between Aloho And Chief Ade-Amaka. Later, Okputu, Aloho younger brother came from the village to inform Ogeyi of Aloho’s demise after giving birth to a baby. Ogeyi Ogar makes sure that the chief was punished for his numerous atrocities. The judge commended Ogeyi for exposing a crime. He sentenced Amaka to 25years, the Commissioner of police and the Chief justice to 20 years, the clerk 5 years while both Madam Hoha and Miss Ochuole got 10 years each. 


Wrong Company: The play opens with two young ladies who were school mates. Ochuole, a worldly lady who pursue wealth by all means find herself in the company of a corrupt government official Chief Ade-Amaka. The minister made her the administrative Officer. Their meeting point is the Okpara Hotel, own by another evil woman, Madam Hoha, Aloho, a good christian lady is entangled with them as she met Ochuole who helped her to secured job in the ministryMof External Relations, as a Protocol Officer, Aloho now find herself in a wrong company which affected her faith in God, to the extent that she was used to traffic drug and got caught at the Airport. She also got pregnant for Chief Ade-Amaka, the Minister. 
Official Abuse: The theme of abuse of office is rampant in the play. The minister of External Relations used his office and position to defiled young ladies working in his ministry. The commissioner of police and Justice used their office and position to pervert justice. 
Corruption: The play is centered around this theme. Bribery and corruption is seen throughout the play. 
Drug Peddling: This theme also revovledrround Chief Ade-Amaka, the Minister of External Relations. He is involved in the business of smuggling contraband goods and drug trafficking. Chief Ade-Amaka employed Aloho as his protocol officer and deceived her into carrying cocaine to the USA. 
The Theme of stealing

Frank Ogbeche hails from Yala in Cross-River State in Nigeria in South South Geo-political zone. His post primary education was in Awori-Ajeromo Grammar school, Agboju in Lagos State and in then proceeded to the Federal School of Art and Science, ogoja Cross River State. In 1989, Ogodo obtained his first degree in communication of Art from the universityUof Calabar, Cross River State.

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