How To Choose Correct Answer For 2020 JAMB Exam

As part of the usual protocol, I will be dropping some tips on how to choose the correct answer for Jamb without wasting many words let’s get going


this method has proven to be of great help to those who apply it. It is not all learned because it is naturally in everyone but one needs a little knowledge of how it works to kick-start it. Now see how it works

How to Choose Correct answer For 2020 JAMB Exam


If James slaps John his twin, what will happen?

a. John will laugh.

b. John will die.

c. John will cry.

d. John will slap him back.

The question above is a typical JAMB question; you can see that from the options given. JAMB questions come in a way that at least two options will seem to be the answer and that is where confusion sets in.

In the question above, option c and d both look more like the correct answer and that is where our answer is circulated.

Now, with the circulation method, we will now take these answers and go back to the question.

Looking at the question, for John to cry for James that means James should be some years older than him (reality), and for John to slap James back, that means they should be mates and the question said ‘his twin’. Drop the correct answer for me let me know if you are following.



I would have simply typed here select the odd one and it’s your answer. But for the sake of adequate protocol lets break it down as well. It is just like when you are given a yam tuber, cassava tuber, and cocoyam tuber and a mango fruit and you are asked to select the odd one out, even if you don’t know what they are, you can comfortably select out the mango fruit and that becomes your answer. So answer the question below.



Which of the following elements is not a halogen?

a. Chlorine

b. Bromine

c. Fluorine

d. Hydrogen



This method is what some students use very often in answering questions but they don’t know how its principles came about.

In the ideal method, we exhibit a sense of quick and concise reasoning and remembrance. We answer questions in this category with the real-life experience we’ve had with something which seems to be related to the question. Now let’s see how it works.


A long stick of 200cm was used to pluck a fruit from a tree of 4000mm by a boy who was standing on a mount which is 1foot long, how tall is the boy?

a. 100mm.

b. 10feet.

c. 2cm.

d. 4feet.

Now looking at the questions above, someone who doesn’t want to waste unnecessary time in question would just click any option and head to the next question but for the fact you have read this article, you will click the right answer without wasting time and still head over to the next question.

Now, this is how the idea method works, observe the answers and put them in real-life images. In that case, you will find out that a normal human being can’t be 100mm tall nor 2cm tall.

So now drop the correct answer for me let me see if you are coming along.

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