killing of Final Year Student of Auchipoly by Sars


The killing of final year student of Auchipoly by Nigerian Special Anti robbery Squad (also known as SARS) has continued to trail reactions as more eyewitness release information and at the other part of the city (Benin City) sapele roads some youths were seen protesting against the unlawful and barbaric killing of of a final year student of Auchipoly.

Killing of final year student of Auchipoly By Sars

The name of the student is Godspower Ajayi who was a 400 level student of Auchi Polytechnic, you will recall that at the early hours of 21st December 2019 the news about his emerged online and immediately the head of the Talakawa Parliament Comrade Kola Edokpayi and Nigeria Students And Youths President comrade Osemudiamen Ogbidi swung into action to actually make some investigation into the killing, on the report an eyewitness gave a report that he found the boy (Godspower Ajayi) lifeless on the flow with one of his leg totally scattered with bullet from the gun. Another interview with the late final year student of Auchipoly student’s mother has it that he was the only son of the family the only hope the family was having has just been shot dead by SARS. More reactions continue to emerge from another parts of the city as angry youth took to the streets to protest the killing of the final year student of Auchipoly by sars it was discovered that a large number if protesters has been held in the police custody. While on that Comrade Kola Edokpayi the head of Talakawa Parliament actually came out and voice out his opinion on the killing and these are what he has to say;

We condemn communi consensu the death of Godspower Ajayi, a National Diploma Final Year Student of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi whose death was allegedly caused by some Anti Fresh Boys Policemen that go after Yahoo boys without formal petition.The barbaric action of the said Police Officers is depriving our Youth in diaspora of coming to Edo State to invest. I think it is time for the Governor of Edo State to look into this matter that has brought international opprobrium and contumely to the land of Igodomigodo.We are seriously addressing the matter to ensure that the poor family gets justice and we want to use this medium to call on the Officer in Charge of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) to take cognizance of the causa sine qua non of the fracas and immediately release the youths who were arrested in connection with the riot after the death of the young man.Fiat justitia et ruant coeli.

Still on this issue interviewing one Gifted Sammie on what he have to say on the killing, he simply gave an advise which is I just feel like saying this to educate some Nigerian Youths on this scourging issues of SARS and police harassment. What can you do to walk free in most cases? Now this is advisable in public places not isolated places, late nights or lonely high ways. And if they cork a gun please oblige ooo It is no longer a debatable fact that the Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) as well as the entire police system in Nigeria are corrupt. The often harass people on the road without following due process. So what do you do get away when you’re arrested? Some of these things have worked for me

1. Make sure you are calm and as polite as possible when they stop you on the road to interrogate you.

2. Answer simple questions staying calm (if possible smile) without raising your brows.

3. If they go ahead to ask you to open your phone or laptop for a search. Simply ask them “why?” (Without frowning or yelling), telling them you have answered their questions politely….

4. If they insist, quickly look around for passersby, call anyone or beg them to take video recordings letting them know it’s their rights to take pictures or videos in public places.

5. Remind them of Article 29 of the Police Act which provides that a police officer ‘…may detain and search any person whom he reasonably suspects of having in his possession or conveying in any manner anything which he has reason to believe to have been stolen or otherwise unlawfully obtained.’ Tell them you have answered their questions beyond reasonable doubts that you’re the owner of the phone and if they insist, you can quickly use your finger print to open and lock it immediately.

6. Now, they’ll be careful but if they continue to be stubborn, remind the Nigeria Criminal Code requires that an officer possess a search warrant to carryout a search on your phone and other private properties.

7. Also let them know that section 37 of the 1999 Constitution provides for your right to privacy which protects your home, phones, telegraphics messages, etc.They should let you go by now.

8. Finally, if they insist, tell them to take you to the station (no be animals dey stay) and request to write a statement, and to also see the DPO. Call your lawyer or a family one.

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