Mend Your Broken Net Series

Mark1:19 And when he had gone a little farther from there, he saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who also were in the ship mending their nets.

TOPIC: The Broken Net

TEXT : Luke 5:6 And when they had done this, they enclosed a great multitude of fish: and their net broke.

In this series of “mend your broken net” we look at the fishing profession to take some vital lessons that is applicable to the christian life. The net is a vital tool to a Fisher man. With it a lot can be achieved. But when such a vital tool is damaged, a lot is lost and the man is virtually incapable of performing his business. The christian life also consists of some vital tools that when damaged, productivity becomes low if not totally grounded. In view of Luke5:6, it is observed that the nets began to break after experiencing a great catch resulting from obeying Jesus. It is key to note that our productivity in the christian faith depends on our obedience to God’s word.

However, one must be careful at the point of experiencing fruitfulness (breakthrough) because there-in lies the danger of experiencing broken net. This series is meant to sharpen the faithful steward of God. One who is actively involved in the Master’s work. It is important to understand the great need to be a steward of God. Obviously for God to invest in your life, you must be one who is willing to submit your personal course of life to pick up the kingdom mandate so that such investment can bring profit to God. There exist a lot of persons in the church who are still doing their business to the neglect of God’s work. Many have convincing revelation of God’s purpose in their lives but are held by the pleasure and love of the world.


The foundation of a broken net is basically neglect. The net that is neglected over a period of time will begin to experience deterioration in quality and the material used in manufacturing it will begin to give way. In mark1:19 you will observe that after the day’s business, James and John began to mend their net. That is the attitude of a good steward. The best time to prepare for the next catch is just after a fruitful catch. The net needs to be mended for ease of use at the next opportunity. There is no time for complacency in the christian faith. The vital ingredients of your faith must not be neglected. The fact is that the moment you start to neglect the things of God, you directly or indirectly start to pick up and find pleasure in the things of darkness. Let us now consider some of the things that lead to negligence of our net which will result in breakage of the net.


1. Disregard for the net: this happens when the individual do not know the importance of the tool. You can not maintain what you do not know the value. In this series we shall get to consider the net to signify our prayer life, God’s word, fellowship etc. For such many believers in Christ do not know their importance. Believers must know the attributes that keeps their faith aflaim for more productivity and work towards the sustainablility.

2. Distractions: the power of focus cannot be over emphasized.

Luke 9:62 says “And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” The world contains a lot of pleasures to distract the Christian from mending their net. Many started the heavenly race well & they were tagged “vibrant Christian” but due to the cares of this world have side tracked, neglecting the things that used to give them joy & strengthen their faith in the beginning. The net is a source of livelihood to the fisherman and therefore whatever keeps our faith alive must not be neglected. We must give it all attention in order to earn fruits.

3. Challenges: the fisherman may have some other challenging situations maybe with the boat, family, friends etc. The christian life is not deviod of challenges. Challenges are meant to draw us closer to God rather than away. The uniqueness of this symbolic net is that the resources you get from putting your net into use is enough to sustain you through life’s difficult time. Faith that is alive is powerful enough to remain standing despite the circumstances of life.

4. Excitement of the present catch: the catch symbolises fruitfulness and breakthrough. You will realise that many individuals have given the enemy footholds in their life after experiencing breakthrough. They soon forget the source of their breakthrough in the euphoria of the present time. In Luke 5 Peter’s eyes where opened after experiencing the great catch. He knew his unworthiness and Jesus thereafter called him into his ministry. The success you experience in the christian faith should not bring pride into you and make you think the achievements came about by your own work and effort. The grace of God should be acknowledged and we should seek God all the more.

5. Peers and colleagues: this is why it is important that you move with people that shares the same godly vision with you. Many people’s anointing have been quenched due to the company they keep. Scripture is emphatic when it says light and darkness can not exist together. Some people are not happy that you are growing spiritually. They can serve as source of discouragement and make you neglect your net. The company you keep must help you grow spiritually and when the need arises, be able to push you to growth.

6. Comparison with others: this is a very critical situation. Many people feel that since they have been serving God they have not really achieved anything compared to others. Some even compare themselves with the ungodly. This can really lead to negligence of one’s net. Sometimes the catch may not be as expected, while other colleagues may have a great catch, all you do is mend your net and prepare for next time. Work towards maintaining a growing spiritual life not minding how much others are doing. Be contented with how God is leading you. You can not live the life of others because God made you uniquely.

In this series of “mend your broken net” the foundation, negligence and what lead to such negligence have been considered. Further on in this series we shall take a look at what the broken nets symbolizes. It should be understood that the causes of neglecting the net may not be limited to those mentioned. It is important you know what is hindering your christian growth so you can mend that area and become productive.


1. Ask God to reveal to you where you are in your christian life.

2. Pray earnestly for revival in your spiritual life.

3. Ask God for sustaining grace.

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