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 The early morning sun dazzled in its characteristic mild beauty sending in rays through the light curtains. I slowly opened and eyes and was happy when i saw my little Princess beside me. “good morning my princess, my most treasure pssession,” i said smiling then kissed her forehead. Edward my husband walked in looking so happy. “how is princess doing? he asked then sat beside me, he kissed me then turn to our baby. I was so glad to see him happy again, after six years of marriage without a child, this years has been a year of frustration and pains, i was called all sort of names by his family but Edward always stood by me in those days of trials, i thought i was barren and could never bore him a child again until the day i got pregnant, which i felt so happy, am gonna be a mother and Edward a father, atleast i will be free from all those insults. I and my husband Edward nortured our unborn baby with much love and care until the day i gave birth to our princess, she looks so beautiful and we named her ISABEL. I felt so happy to be called a mother and same from Edward, we so much love and cared for her but then we never knew a tragedy will befall. On her third birthday Edward threw a very large party for our princess, well i like calling her princess but her real name is Isabel and that what Edward called her. At three years my Princess can walk and talk, she looks so beautiful with pretty long hair for a girl of her age, her lips were pink and her good looking ocean blue eyes, she looks so perfect and i sees her as the most beautiful girl, i so much love her and so do Edward his father Mr. Darwin who never like me has been quite good to me ever since i gave birth to Isabel, and i could tell he like Isabel so much, well his sister Tessa who never liked me also, came to celebrate my princess birthday, i was surprise by her sudden visit and changed well i just hope they changed for good even for the sake of Isabel. Edward threw a very grand birthday party during her birthday party, it was so much fun and we also invite some of her friends and classmate at school. My princess always smile, i hardly sees her frown and i hope she keep on smiling all day, her smile alone melt my heart. The next day after her birthday, i decided to take her out which Edward doesn’t agree to that. “yesterday was her birthday so what’s the essence of taking her out? he asked me adjusting his tie, he was already dressed up for work looking so handsome. “to catch some fun with my Princess of course, i also wish you could be their,” i said smiling. “what about school, don’t she have school today? he asked looking at me but i put on a small smile to let him know i know what am doing. “of course she does, but then today is just friday, i just want to take her out today, my dad is also coming all the way from Toronto just to see us especially her, you know it been long since i saw my dad,” i said looking so sad but Edward was busy checking himself up in a mirror.

“you can do this during weekend, so just get Isabel ready for school,” he almost yelled. “Tressa..” he shouted her name and in few minutes Tressa quickly walked in. “please just dressed Isabel and talk to one of my dirver to take her to school,” he said then left without sayig anything to me, i quickly walked out to catch up with him but he was too fast. He stormed downstairs and i quickly went up to him. “dear, are you angry with me over this little issue, today is friday, i just want to see our princess to see my dad that’s all,” i said holding his hands. “okay as you wish,” he said without smiling, i pulled him for a hug then kissed him. “have a nice day at work hubby,” i said but he just smile a bit then left. I hurried to check on my Princess at her room. “get dressed, am taking you out,” i said smiling as i lift her up in my arms then kissed her on the cheeks. “i love you Princess,” i said smiling while she held my cheeks, “i love you mommy,” she said in her tiny voice then kissed me back. “i’ll just talk to your nanny to get you dressed,” i said then went out to call her nanny. . . I was dressed in a blue midi gown with heels matching to it, am already in my late twenties but yet i still look so young and pretty, my princess was also looking so beautiful. We walked to the children park and i could see everyone was so happy and they kids were busy playing. “can i play with the kids? my princess asked me but i just smile at her then held her small soft hands. “not yet sweetie, let your grandpa arrive here first,” i said to her while she smiled and fixed her gaze at the children playing. I do love Isabel because she’s not the disobedient type, she’s always calm and sometimes quiet, i brought her some chocolates to keep her busy and in few minutes time my dad arrived. “popsi,” i said almost in tears as i quickly hug him tight in tears. “I miss you so much popsi,” i said wiping away my tears. “wow, she looks so beautiful, indeed God had bless you with such a beautiful girl after six years without a child,” Popsi said while i smile a bit then hug him again. I do love my Popsi so much he was the one that raise me when my mother died, so he’s all I’ve got. “let seat there,” i said pointing at empty bench under a tree. “Isabel, how you doing pretty? Popsi asked her holding her hands as we moved to the bench under the tree. “grandpa? my Princess asked while i arched an eyebrow at her smiling. “he’s your grandpa,” i said while she just replied with a smile. “this for you,” Popsi hand over to an ice cream to her. “thank you grandpa,” he said smiling and quickly lick a little from it, i could say she was just too eager to play with the kids all around. “can i go and play? she asked me. “why not, just becareful,” Popsi immediately said.

“no, am scared something bad might happen to you,” i said, While Popsi gave me a look at me. “allow her chase the butterlfly, make sand castle like the other kids,” Popsi said while i held her hands. “becareful my princess,” i said as she quickly ran to play round the beautiful garden with some other kids, well i guess here is so much safe. I and Popsi discus a lot and told him about how Edward’s family treat me good especially his dad and sister Tressa. “am glad no one will call you barren again, all your pains are over,” Popsi said while i smiled. After like thirty minutes. I looked round but couldn’t see my princess, other children were playing happily and i wonder where my princess could go to, i stood up and went admidst of the kids and asked about my Princess but no one has the right answer to that. I asked the security men over their but non seems to know about her whereabout despite showing them her pictures. OMG where could my Princess be, my heart was already beating faster than normal. I and Popsi has been searching for my Princess for about an hour now, my eyes were filled with tears already, what will Edward say about this. It already getting to three pm, i return back home in tears without finding my Isabel, Edward was shocked to hear that and blame me for everything. “if only you haven’t take her their, how could you be so careless like that? after si years without a child you ended up dumping her to play with the other kids!, Edward yelled at me, i have never seen him so angry like that. “Isabel is missing? Tressa asked looking so surprise. “she caused everything, i ask you to let her go to school but you refuse, just try and get back my Isabel for me,” he yelled at me while i was already in tears. “it wasn’t intentional Edward, please understand me, i didn’t plan for any of this to happen,” i pleaded in tears but to my surprise Edward slapped me hard and threw me out of his house. “am not letting you in my house until the day bring back my daughter, just make sure Isabel is back home before the sun goes down,” he yelled at me, this the very first time Edward slapped me, i know it hurts but he have to understand me. Popsi pleaded with Edward but he seems not to here anyone, i was suprise when he even talked back at my dad which make my heart broken. That evening i went round the street with my princess photo asking of her but no one knows of her whereabout, which make me more scared and to shade more tears. “Popsi, she’s all that i have got where could Isabel be? i said in tears, i do love Edward so much so i can’t afford to loose him, i can’t lose two people at the same time i just hope am gonna find my daughter if not am gonna be a laughing stock, i can’t survive without her,” i said in tears, i was about crossing the road when a car will full speed push me down. “Isa…bel please come back home to your dad!…” i said in pains as tears slide down my cheeks, my heart was beating faster, i just pray Edward will get to find Isabel someday…Popsi quickly ran over me but he came too late, my eyes closed and everywhere was dark….

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