Revision for Novel Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi


Sweet Sixteen by Abdullahi Bolaji

Every aspirant registered for 2020 UTME is allowed to this novel, “Sweet Sixteen” written by Bolaji Abdullahi, so ensure you demand it at the center where you are registered for UTME. It is mandatory, and it is your right to have it.

We will use this publication to correlate important resources and future links concerning this novel. When we have summaries of the novel or group of questions that you will find useful, we will be associating them below as we come nearer to the exam.

Sweet Sixteen by Abdullahi Bolaji

Here are some fundamental knowledge from the novel;

Author of Sweet 16: Bolaji Abdullahi

Genre: The Genre of Sweet Sixteen is Fiction

Number of Pages: Pages is Sweet Sixteen: 53

Publication Year: Sweet sixteen was publicized on February 1, 2017

Quick Description: Aliya has to constantly remind her father that she is not a child but ‘a young adult.’ He does not always agree with her.

But now that she is turning sixteen, he is sitting up and taking notice. The expected birthday card from him is replaced by a present and no holds barred letter – a page for each year she has lived.

It chronicles the lessons he has tried to teach her and the wisdom he has endeavored to pass to her. It unburdens the burning questions she has about life and sometimes shows through the obliviousness of parental units.

Aliya questions who she is and why she is; with her father as a guide on this journey of discovery. Fascinating coming of age guide on life and love for the teenage girl.

Before we really get started, Have you already completed reading the novel? We assume it should take you up to 5 days to thoroughly complete this novel, so we are tossing the flow open for those who have already finished the novel. How would you summarize what you comprehend from the book so far?

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