Save Me Lord

But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt? (Matthew 14:30-31)

Save me lord

“Sōzō” the Hebrew word translated into “save” also mean to keep safe and sound and to rescue from danger or destruction. While the disciple named Peter was drowning, he looked up to Jesus and called Him “Lord” (from the Hebrew “kurios”) meaning one who have the power to decide. He realised that only Jesus have the power to determine his fate at that point in time. His choice to live is unique as he called on Jesus to save him. It will be unfortunate for one to chose to give up or die when Jesus is available.


Reading from verse14 gives a background of the story that led to Peter drowning. Verse30 bring in the concept of fear. The physical heavy wind brought fear into him that threatened his life and faith. Before you talk about salvation, there must be bondage, problem and circumstances that make one uncomfortable. In most cases the foundation of our problem is fear. It may not necessarily be the seemingly wind that is blowing. The wind is just the enemy’s way of introducing fear. When there is fear, the mind become unsettled and begin to think of other alternatives. Jesus therefore asked why he doubted in verse31. In trying times what we need most is our faith in God. The beginning of our downfall is when we lose our faith. It become as though the situation is bigger than God.

The list of areas in which man need to call on Jesus for salvation is enormous. It is important to highlight here that when a saviour is needed, Jesus should be the first Choice. He should not be relegated to the last or when all else fail. The reason for this is based on true knowledge of who He is and what role He came (and is still) to play in our life. Peter realised that He is Lord (Master) – one who have the power to decide fate. Neither the enemy nor the challenge is omnipotent. That status is reserved for God only. Challenges are meant to draw us closer to God and not away from God. In the face of difficulty, be encouraged to sustain your faith and look up to Jesus for salvation.


1. Sin: sin is not a mere word but it is a nature that envelope every man at conception. Recall the words of Psalm51:5 -Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. It is man’s default nature. The Fungi is a group of eukaryotic organisms, many of them have their cells grow as filaments known as hyphae, they have chitin on their cell wall instead of cellulose as in plants. It is notable that these organisms do not have chloroplast therefore do not use chlorophyll for manufacturing of food. Some of the specie look like plant e.g the Mushrooms but will most certainly not be green in colour due to the absence of chlorophyll. These characteristics forms the default nature of the Fungi. The default nature of man after disobeying God in the Eden garden is sin. Just as the Fungus has the distinguishing feature of not able to use sunlight to produce nutrient and having chitin in its cell wall, man by default looses the ability to relate with God and possess a rebellious mindset towards God. It is not strange when the normal inclination is to do evil and think of new ways to event evil (Romans1:28-32). The ocean of sin is great and man dwells in the world. The pandemic of sin has been ravaging the world from generation to generation. The only vaccine God created is wrapped up in the sacrifice of Jesus who is the Lord, our advocate, true saviour and Redeemer of the souls of men. The mystery of being born again is explained by a change of nature. Only Jesus lived without sin, He gives you His righteousness while picking up your sinfulness. There is no need to keep on doubting whether this mystery is true because the more you doubt, the more you drown deep in the Ocean of sin till death takes it final hold. Hold on to Romans6:23 and escape from the wages of sin by accepting the saviour who is the gift of God.

2. Demonic Oppressions: it is a pity that there are many people who do not believe in the power and operations of the dark word. Ephisians6:12 is eye opening. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, there are principalities. You wonder while people act the way they act towards you in such a way as to succeed in luring you into doing what is not right, many are being possessed to get a hold on you. Some experience repeated misfortunes, repeated nightmares and partaking in ungodly spiritual activities. These are signs of demonic manipulation. There are strong man everywhere and your succeeding depends on you dealing with the strong man. Our human powers can not handle spiritual authorities, you therefore need to go to the highest authority, Jesus to handle the issues. Your deliverance rest in the hand of God. The words of Matthew28:18 “And Jesus came and spoke unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”. Some find themselves under demonic attack due to the works of their parents while others due to things they engaged in. The source is negligent when Jesus is invited into the situation. The more you delay, the more you drown in the Ocean of demonic Oppression till they finally have their way, call on Jesus, He is waiting to pull you out for whoever the son of man sets free is free indeed.

3. Life’s challenges: life generally have it’s own challenges an it come in divers ways. The world system is not a level playing ground, some are more influential than others, some are more opportuned than others. Mainly declaring your faith as a Christian will turn the world against you. Many occur without your knowledge or volition. Even at times natural disasters may bring challenges. The words of Matthew11:28-30 give us a way out. Jesus again who is our Saviour call out to all who are labouring with heavy load to come to Him and obtain rest. The advice here is to stop toiling for yourself but to toil for the Kingdom of God. When you do God’s own, God will do your own. Remember that many are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivers him from them all. The Ocean of life’s challenges is wide and you can keep toiling or drowning without anything to show for it. Jesus offers rest to the weary.

4. Failed or Failing marriage: marriage is an institution initiated by God. It is aimed at building companionship and raising up seeds that will align to God’s plan and purpose. Once this Union is attacked and destroyed, the society in general is in danger because the seeds can easily be corrupted which will lead to a circle of more failed marriages and lawlessness in the society. Over the ages, the enemy have always focused on destroying this institution. The first target is the foundation. Trying to bring two people which are not meant to be together close, lure them into fornication and force them to get married. If no success there and the right individuals are coupled and married, alot of attacks are aimed at the family to bring frustration and break up. This is an advise to the singles to pray and seek the face of God earnestly before chosing a life partner to enable their future and destiny to be secured. However for those experiencing issues in marriage, Jesus is still available to mend things up and restore it to the plan of God. It is important to note that restoration is available with God. The partners must recognise the place of God in the home, open it up to Jesus so He can take Full place then He can bring His salvation power to rescue the home. The Ocean of failed or Failing marriage is drowning families if Jesus is not called upon, the institution will crumble. Beckon onto Jesus to pull your marriage out of such storm.

In conclusion, we all need faith to overcome the storms of life. Paramount among all salvation needed is the salvation from sin. Sin destroys life here in this world and in the world to come, it brings condemnation. Jesus have paid the price. His hand is stretched forward waiting to pull you out of any storm when you call upon Him. Do not delay because the storm have the ability to drown.


1. The sinner should call on Jesus for salvation. Also prayer for salvation from every reoccurring sin.

2. Call on Jesus to deliver you from the challenges of life and any demonic Oppression.

3. Pray for all Failing marriages that Jesus will visit with His salvation power.

4. Lord sustain my faith in the face of challenges

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