Strange Meeting By Wilfred Owen

The poem is about negative effects of war and aftermath of the perpetrators of war.
War is a situation in which two or more countries or group of people fight against each other over a period of time. Wilfred Owen’s “Strange meeting” is a snapshot of the fate of those who encourage, perpetrate and prosecute war in the society.

• In the first stanza of the poem, the poet describes a strange encounter he had.  He says that it seems that he has escaped from a battle of war to se Great dull tunnel that has since been dug through granite which has been affected by the great war ” Titanic was”

• In the third stanza, the poet persona says time is very fast in hell. And unlike the earth, there is more griven in hell.

• In the fourth stanza, the poet persona posits that his courage and wisdom have turned into mystery.  He goes further to say that because he is in hell,  he has missed how the world is retiring to “Vain citadel”.

• In the last stanza, the poet persona meets the person whom he has frowned at and killed the previous night in a war in hell and also the poet concludes that anybody that has taken part in a war will go to hell.

 Poetic device in Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen 
 alliteration , oxymoron, allusion, repetition personification, assonance, onomatopoeia, and anthesis


Then, a i probed Them one Sprang and Stared (the word written with capital letters are the alliteration )

I am the enemy you killed my friend

And no guns thumped or down the flies made moan

By his dead smile I know we stood in hell
None will break rank though NATIONS TREK from progress

The poem has five (5) stanzas Each of the stanza describes the poet strange encounter and meeting in hell

Themes in Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen 

• The negative effects of war : during war the people normally suffer, there are loss of lives and property, hunger, devastation which often make people down cast.

• TRUTH : The poet persona wants to tell the truth without any restriction.

WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH : Anybody who has taken part in war and has also killed will surely die.

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