Students Unionism in Nigeria: Pains and Gains


These are collection of recognized Individuals by school authority in an Institution. Leaders are been elected or selected to head this Union. These leaders are formed to promote and defend the welfare needs of students community and to SERVE as a bridge between the management, government and students.

It all started with West African student union (wasu) which was pioneered by west African students in London in 1925 was according to records, the first step into unionism, by Nigerian students. The solanke and bankole bright led wasu fought for improved welfare for all African students in London. Their influence in Nigeria brought about NUNS (NATIONAL UNION OF NIGERIA STUDENTS). which premiered in the university of ibadan. NUNS now NANS(NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA STUDENTS). has it wings spread across all tertiary institutions in Nigeria in form of SUG.
history copied from Olushinaola Taiwo

 government, and authorities of our institution all share various degrees of blames in brewing and giving rise to unrest in our institutions of learning in Nigeria..
UNIONISM is a bittersweet experience. Hence, if you must involve be prepared for the PAINs. 
These involves;

1. Rustication: be prepared for Rustication and humiliation. Be prepared emotionally to tackle this pain. History will always be there to tell the future., I remember vividly 2years ago if m not mistaking, the uniben student union president and four others were rusticated due to a peaceful demonstration on Nov 4, 2017, after uniben authorities had increased our fees. Also unilag students leaders were Rusticated 4years ago, . For a two day peaceful protest for students welfare. April 6&7.

2. SLAVERY: Be ready to sell yourself and be controlled By management and others. Everybody requires your loyalty, but to avoid this, you must be loyal and speak for your students if you must not be sold. Be on the students side not management. Get ready to be insulted and bamboozled by ur students if you turn a slave, get ready for emotional, and psychological pain.

 3. Imprisonment: also be prepared to go to prisons. This is part of the the pain in UNIONISM, it is not an easy task or pain to bear. 
The students union leaders of obafemi awololo university was imprisoned for refusing management orders and was arrested while addressing their fellow students. March 3, 2018.
Flash back, to 2016. When the union leader of auchi poly was harassed by soldiers brought by the rector because he wanted an election and not appointment. Be prepared for this

 4. DEATH: This is one of the pains left behind for our beloved once and family to bear. Remember William Obong? The secretary General of the sug UNIBEN, who was murdered due to his resistance to cultism and management… (rip). In 1971, in the university of ibadan, students demanded the removal of an official in the university during the demonstration, tear gas and ammunition was used by the police and a student adekunle adepoja was shot and killed.

The Gains of Student Unionism
This is a sweet one, every body thinks money money money is the Gain of UNIONISM…
If you contest an election with the aim that you want to make money. You will fail. Your gain will turn to frustration.

Students unionism builds an individual
The person who has undergone through this Union can now be able to tell good from bad and makes them to stand firm in decision making, meaning they won’t tell you this and be doing contrary to what they have said. It tells you the real you. Your integrity won’t be in the lips. It is shown to the world.

UNIONISM makes us meet lot of person we won’t meet ordinary, it gives us the opportunity to interact with influential people… Make good use of your connections.

Sense of humour
Students Unionism assist Students to 
develop their organizational abilities and strength of character that prepare
them for higher responsibility in the near future. A good Student Union
leadership provides the leverage for the student community to strive into the
socio-economic and political spheres of the institution and the larger society.
 And lots more
It is pity that, UNIONIST today seek for gains, and try to avoid the pain, remember that you write your history yourself during your service as a union leader, POSTERITY will never forgive you, for your evil deeds… Be remember for your good struggle like Moses Oisakede.

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