The Blind Man And The Leper – Story

The very first chief if the land made a law.  If any of his people wished to leave to set up households in other parts of the country where game was less scarce they could do so, but they were forbidden to take with them any children who were blind, maimed or deformed children would be born anywhere except in his village where they could be cared for as was their custom.

It just happened that there were two deformed people still living in the village at that time. All the other deformed had somehow died off. The two left were a blind man and a leper. The blind man had once been the best Hunter and best shot in the village. His arrows always shot true and he had been respected because he provided so much meat. The leper, on the other hand, had at one time been the best tracker of game.

Both of them were still so clever that if the people followed the leper they usually found game, and if someone held the hands of the blind man and pointed his arrow in the direction of the animal, he would shoot it at once. The men got older and took part in less and less hunts. The people became disgruntled, but always relied on advice from the two maimed men before setting out on a hunt.

  ‘what kind of hunt will it be, blind man?’ they would ask before they set out.
‘Oh, you will shoot and shoot, but only hit one small duiker.’ They were not pleased, but a duiker was better than pumpkin. So they went to the leper.
    ‘What kind of hunt shall we have?’ they asked.
    ‘The rain will wash away all but the duiker tracks,’ he said.

The men set off grumbling about the maimed ones, and said that really they ate far more than they were worth. They resolved to share no meat with the old and ugly maimed men.

  While they were away hunting, the blind man and the leper set out by themselves to hunt. The leper hobbled along on his stump-feet tracking a roan antelope.

  The blind man followed, holding on to his dirty gown. At last the leper saw a herd of roan and he held the hunter’s hand and pointed the arrow in the direction of the largest antelope and told the blind man to shoot. The blind man shot, and his arrow struck the roan in it heart. The two men rejoiced at their kill.

‘Let us skin it and eat some meat now. I am starving!’ shouted the blind man.
  ‘Yes said the leper, I’ll make a fire’.

The two men tried to cut up the roan but the blind man couldn’t see what he was doing. The leper couldn’t hold the knife because his stumps has no fingers. The blind man’s hands in his stumps and showed him where to cut.

After the animal had been skinned they roasted a piece of the roan heart over the fire. The blind man took the first bite eagerly. Immediately his eyesight returned. He looked in at the leper near him and dragged the poor leper protesting to the river. The he pushed the leper into the water. The leper at once became healthy and crawled out on a sand banking laughing.
   The two men returned to the village carrying the roan meat. The people were ashamed, and the chief kept quiet about his rule.

The end.

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