The Nagging Wife – Part 2


Mayaba and Fred had safely sailed through the first days of marriage and they were soon counting down to their one month anniversary. They had both returned to work and soon settled in well, the two would go for work together in the morning by bus and they would wait around for each other and board a bus to go home again after work. This was the everyday routine and it was something Mayaba had gotten used to. She however was soon getting tired. One day after they dropped off at the station, Mayaba passed a comment that got Fred thinking a lot. “sometimes these walks can get really boring..” she sighed. Although the statement was not so direct, Fred noticed it had something to do with Mayaba wanting a car. He wanted to raise the issue with her but he instead just let it slide and went about humming a song as they walked. “Baby..” Mayaba called. “yes my love” he replied “where do you see us in the next one year?” she asked. “well that’s an interesting question to ask.. we will be together and living happily my love.. whats up?” “well honey I was just thinking..” she said. “what?” “I was thinking maybe we should start thinking about our lives seriously..” she said. “oh.. are we not serious?” he asked wonderingly “come on not that.. just that honey I think before the babies come we need a car” she said. ‘I see… We will get one” “Yes before the babies come..” she insisted. “Well my love…. In that case then let’s wait a little longer before we start thinking of having babies” Fred replied. “Fred?” “What? We can wait and then have the babies when we have a car… Did I say anything wrong?” he asked. “no.. I was just thinking that you would say something different” she said. When they arrived at home Mayaba walked into the house looking very upset and Fred wondered what he had done this time around. She quickly went to the bedroom and changed before she went to prepare some food in her small kitchen. Fred hated seeing her that way so he quickly joined her in the kitchen to clear the air. “My beautiful princess.. whats the matter?” he asked. “Honey do I bother you?” she asked as she washed some vegetables by the sink. “no my love you don’t.. why would you bother me?” She was queit as she cleared the dishes until he was forced to get to the subject which he knew she was avoiding. “baby you know I love you?” he asked her “I do..” she muttered. “no say it like you mean it…” he teased. “yes I do..” “can you stop cooking for now.. we will have noodles.. come on lets go and watch tv” he said. Mayaba reluctantly put the food back and went to the living room while fred quickly got their noodles ready. They sat to eat and later went to bed. After what seemed like the best reconciliation they had ever had Mayaba was looking at her husband and she had a question. “yes go ahead.. I am listening” he replied “honey… can I get a loan?” “for what?’ he asked her. “For a car” she replied. “My love.. we can buy the car without the loan .. let’s just wait a little longer.. Chances of me getting that job I applied for are really high trust me” he said. Mayaba sighed. “I know that look on your face” he said.
 “honey.. the government is offering us affordable loans” she said. “Usually people plan before they make such decisions.. can we leave this topic to another day?” he asked. “honey lets talk about it now” she insisted. “ok first tell me why you want to get the car now… why now?” he asked. ‘because it’s a necessity .. honey.. how much do we spend on transport everyday? To top it all we also need to buy lunch at work…. We can go cheap by getting a car with minimum fuel consumption and that will save us time as I can also be preparing meals for work. Now I can’t because we wake up too early” she said. “I see.. well there’s a valid point there” he said. “so can I apply for the loan tomorrow?” she asked. “so soon?” “honey come on.. we need it” she said. “ok fine.. go ahead my love” he said. As he attempted to touch her she had another thing to say. “yes my love.. what?” “my family talks too much so when the vehicle comes we will pretend you bought it” she said. Fred looked at her wonderingly as he had no idea how to react to what she said. “actually I prefer you start driving it.. you will be dropping me at work and you will be picking me up” she said. Fred listened to her and he nodded his head. “ok my love..”

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