The Nagging Wife part 3


Fred did not admit it but at that point he really felt less of a man. He felt incapable of providing for his wife and he also felt like he had really failed her. There was so much going on through his mind as they went to bed that night. His wife curled up to him like a baby as she slept but he couldn’t stop thinking, he felt very bad. As the thoughts flew over his head he thought of the company he worked for and how they had been advertising loans if people were interested. Fred knew that wasn’t the path he wanted to take, loans weren’t something he ever wanted to get into in his marriage but he didn’t want to disappoint his wife. The following morning as they dressed up in readiness for work Fred had something to say to his wife. “baby when you get the loan forms bring them home so I also go through them and advice” he said. “but honey thought we agreed that I should apply” she said. ‘yes my love we have agreed but I just want to read through the terms so that we can agree on how best to pay it back.. I want to help you” he said. ‘ok my love.. I will do that” Unknown to her, Fred had made up his mind and he was going to apply for the loan at work. They got on a bus together and as usual they finally part ways at the station as they went to their respective places.

“I can’t wait for the day when I will no longer have to say bye to you at the station” she said. “Soon honey” he said. “Ya I can’t wait for that day when you will be dropping me at work and then you equally proceed your way” she said. “ok honey.. enjoy your work” he said before pecking her cheek. They both would board different buses to their destinations  and the routine was always like that. **************************************************************************************************** “I remember asking you and you refused” the director said as she looked at Fred. “sir I had no idea I would be needing it but from the look of things … well its seems I do” he replied. The director had initially talked to Fred and had asked him about the loans but he wasn’t interested. Everyone else in the company took a loan but he was reluctant. “marriage has come with some serious realities isn’t it?’ the director smiled. Fred chuckled. “sir I need to get a car” he said. “I understand.. you know I actually commend you for one thing.. very few men get married without taking a loan. These women can drive you crazy sometimes” she said. “ya.. well i stood my ground madam.. with this economy I couldn’t get a loan for a wedding.. and then start paying back money after the event?” “You are wise young man.. you are very wise” The director quickly pulled a form and handed it over to him. “We are giving up to k20,000.. just state how much and fill in the details provided…the loan will be ready in 5days after application” the director said. “Thank you mum….. I will go through and then will return the forms by knocking off time” he said. ‘Take your time..” “I will.. thanks” Fred said before taking his leaving. Fred read the forms thoroughly before making up his mind and finally signing the papers. He handed the papers over to the director before he left work that day. As he headed home with his wife he happily talked to her about how work was but clearly omitted the loan part. “Honey can you imagine I completely forgot about the loan papers?” “don’t worry yourself my love… I actually have news for you but I will tell you when we get home” he said. ****************************************************************************************************
 TWO WEEKS LATER Fred was so happy to finally go home with the car that he promised his wife, he managed to get to get a nice car from a japan seller and the car was delivered just 5days after purchase. The cars were all in transit and he luckily picked one from those that were enroute to Zambia from South Africa. “Today I will sleep in the car” Mayaba said excitedly as she hugged her husband. That night she was the best wife and she treated him to some good food. For that week all was absolutely perfect and fred was enjoying seeing his wife in that mood, it was a wonderful mood.

The English premier league was soon about to start and Mayaba  had heard about it so many times as Fred kept talking about it. When the time finally came fred had bought a jersey for his favourite team and he was in the supportive spirit. “baby I just wanted to tell you in advance that since the game is starting I will be going to watch with my friends at a nearby lodge.. that’s only for afternoon matches” he said. “why? Is there no tv at home?’ she asked ‘honey its different.. you don’t even watch soccer.. its interesting when we go to support as friends” he said. “I see… well in that case we shall be going together” she said. “Baby it’s all guys and imagine me moving with my wife..” he said. “in that case then I will be dropping you off and picking you up when the game is done”

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