The sovereignty of God

Read for this lesson : Genesis chapter 1 and 2.

(a) The power of the state to make laws and enforce the laws.
(b) The power of government to make itself obeyed by the people without outside interference
(c) A state whose citizens obey it laws and the state is not under any foreign control or rule
(d) A state that has overall control over it territory
(e) An authority which is not subject to any superior power

God’s sovereignty means his unlimited power over the world.  God has all power.  He has unlimited knowledge.  He is present everywhere.  

God demonstrates his sovereignty in the following ways :

• God created everything

• He sustains what he has created

• He protects everything he has created

• He makes provision for everything he has created.

• He takes absolute care of everything he has Created

 in the beginning, only God was.  He created the world.  When he created Earth,  it had no form.  There was total darkness.  God created the world in six days.
During the first five days God created things by commanding them to be.

 • On the first day,  God created the heaven and the earth.  Water and darkness filled the earth.  Then God created LIGHT to get DAY and NIGHT,  simply by saying “Let there be light “

 • On the second day, God created the FIRMAMENT or SKY. he called the firmament HEAVEN ‘

 • On the third day,  God created DRY LAND AND THE SEA. He called the dry land EARTH ‘ then he created trees and plants bearing seeds and fruits

 • On the fourth day,  God created the sun to give light during the day.  Then He created the moon and the stars to give light at night

 • On the fifth day,  God created sea animals such as fishes and crocodile.  Then he made the birds of the air

 • On the sixth day,  God created land animals of different kinds like the cattle and the creeping animals Lastly, God created man on that day.

God rested from all work on the seventh day.  He called the seventh day SABBATH. He blessed it and set it apart as a memorial day of his creation.

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