Tolerance : The Wooden Spoon kids stories

Once upon a time, there lived in a city, a man and his two wives. Their home was always full of quarrels and unhealthy rivalry.

The two wives lived as cat and mouse, always at each other’s throat. The man tried very hard to restore peace in the home but it was very difficult. The two women could not tolerate each other as they both seriously competed for their husband’s love and favour.

   One day, the junior wife went to the stream to wash up the cooking pots and plates as the taps were all dried up in the city. As she washed , a wooden spoon slipped off her hand and rolled up with the waves down the middle of the stream.

It was the senior wife’s spoon! What was going to happen next is better imagined than witnessed.

The woman thought of what to do. There was compromise, as she knew they could never tolerate any mistake from each other as co-wives.

She therefore, jumped inside the stream in search of the wooden spoon. singing and crying as she moved along.

Suddenly, she saw that she was sinking and no one came to her rescue. She found herself in a large palace and a bald headed man met her at the entrance. He asked her questions about her mission to this strange place.

The woman wept bitterly as she told the story of her relationship with her senior partner. The man then brought a marble, which he presented to the woman. she was asked to go back home and invite the senior wife before breaking the marble so they could both share whatever came from the marble, and thereafter  begin a new life.

   The woman was shown the way out of the stream and back to her home. She invited the senior wife who immediately flared up at her. She was not ready to listen to any story. The junior wife hit the marble on the wall. As soon as it broke into pieces, beautiful and costly items came up such as jewelries, clothes, money etc. She invited the senior wife to have her own share but she refused and shouted at her saying “Who is your mate? Please just mind your own business. I know how you came about this anyway.”

The senior wife rushed out of the house and went the same stream. She jumped inside the water in search of her own fortune because she could not tolerate her junior wife under the same roof, not with new developement.

The senior wife found herself at the bald headed man’s palace and was given the same treatment.
 When she got back home, she locked herself up in her room and broke the marble into pieces anxiously. There came out snakes, poisonous insect and scorpions and she was bitten to death.

It good to tolerate your partners, tho it may be hard.

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