Translation of Edo language to English language

It is true that culture is the way of life and hence there’s need to preserve our cultures especially we black (Africa) so what am I saying in essence?  Is that there’s every need to speak our mother language also known as tribal language and here we are ready to help revive our language speaking tongue, so today I’ll be translating some words from Benin / Edo language to English.

• Ewere means A leaf that symbolize peace

• Igue means Edo festival of prayer usually done in December

• Isee means Amen

• Ivie means Coral beads

• Non yan mwen means The one who owns me

• Oba means King

• Obokhian means Welcome

• Osalobua means God

• Iye means Mother

• Agbi means A big cooking pot

• Awua means Taboo

• Obota means Greetings in evening

• Enogie means A clan head

• Ema means Drum

• Eren means Fire

• Evboo means People

• Eben means scepter or traditional sword

• Akha means King of the bird

That’ll be all I guess you’ve learnt something, just in case you need voice note on pronunciation feel free to drop a comment

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