Types of Poetry

• SONNET : It is a poem of 14 lines,  it is divided into two which are octave and sestet.
ELEGY : It’s mournful song for death.
ODE : It means a song,  it is a long poem address to some one or thing especially nature and used to praise the poetic object,  it may also be for celebration of a special occasion.
• BALLARD : It is a poem which tells a tragic story
TRADITIONAL POEM : It is a name for any of the large body of traditional oral poems in Africa. They are often chanted or edited in honor of some heroic person,  anvils or event.
PROSE POEM : A poem written in a prose like structure.
LULLABY : It a song played in other for children to sleep or it a song which we use to make a child sleep.
PANEGYRIC POEM : A poem which praised heroine of a heroic Deed.
DIRGE OR CORONACH POEM : A song in poetic form for the lamentation of the dead.
CENTO : A composition or compilation for different poems of different poet.
LIMERICK : A short humorous poem with three long and two short lines.
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